Male sexuality - General Observations

Sex drive is now subdivided by sexologists into three components: sexual capacity, sexual performance, and sexual drive. Capacity - that is, what one can do - is determined by the ability of the nervous and muscular systems to respond to sexual stimulation to the point of orgasm and the speed with which one can recover from the effects of an ejaculation depends on age and sexual libido.

Considerable delay in ejaculation is a condition where a man suffers from retarded ejaculation or very slow ejaculation, or even a complete inability to ejaculate. It would be interesting to know if these men could achieve orgasm without ejaculation.

Performance - that is, what one does - is determined by the strength and intensity with which one wishes to perform. Performance relies on a combination of physical and psychological factors, while sexual drive is very largely psychologically conditioned. The middle adolescent years, say from sixteen to twenty-two, are the period in which the nervous and muscular systems are at their most responsive and their powers of sexual recuperation at their height.

An idea of the responsiveness and recuperative powers of these systems is given in some case histories quoted in The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior, where a man aged twenty-two who claimed that his sex drive was not urgent and was easily manageable, achieved ten orgasms in an hour by masturbation, while another, also aged twenty-two, reported nine orgasms with one erection in forty-five minutes, and a third, aged twenty, under scientifically controlled conditions, had ten orgasms in half an hour on one occasion and thirteen orgasms in one hour on another.

Clearly no danger of ever needing any treatment for delayed ejaculation during intercourse there!

Though obviously sexually 'high performers', the strength of these men's sex drives was not so great as that of a number of their contemporaries.

Even a highly passionate man at the peak of his physical maturity in his early thirties would, I think, find it extremely difficult to approach these records by relying on intercourse for orgasm.

But if we cast our minds back to our middle and late adolescence I believe most of us will reach the conclusion that our performance rate is lower now than it was then; in other words, that we reached our highest ejaculation frequency within a few years of the onset of our ability to have full sexual responses, i.e., puberty.

This is true of the vast majority of men, for these early years of sexual awareness are times of the greatest sexual curiosity. Since these years are also the period at which in certain respects the nervous system is very responsive to hormonal secretions, a man's sexual capacity is at its height.

There are many reasons for this, including the fact that the body is at its fittest and healthiest (usually) and the level of sexual potency a man has is highest before 30 - and begins to decline significantly after 50. But there are ways to make yourself fit and lean, and keep fit and trim, by taking exercise and ensuring that you take the correct nutrition and exercise for your physiology. Here is John Barban before and after "taking his own medicine"!

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Because his nervous system responds so easily to stimulation, he achieves erection very easily; and because his penis is readily accessible, and his sexual tensions are concentrated in his penis, he quickly discovers orgasm through masturbation.

Since he can achieve orgasm very easily and quickly, and the sensations of orgasm are so pleasurable, it is not surprising if he embarks on a period of discovery through experimentation.

It is for all these reasons that sexual performance is at its height during these early years and sexual capacity at its most responsive and recuperative.

The difference in sexual performance between the twenty-year olds and the thirty-year-olds noted above applies also to subsequent age groups. In other words, as one grows older sexual performance declines.

There are some differences of opinion between sexologists concerning the causes of this decline. Some hold that a gradual waning of sexual capacity, brought about by the deterioration of the sexual nervous and muscular systems - a deterioration common to all the organs of the body as age advances - is responsible.

Others maintain that the causes are more psychological in nature than physical.

Whatever the causes, the fact remains that the strength of a man's sexual drive, even though he is otherwise healthy and vigorous for his age, does slacken off as he grows older.

The highly sexed group appear to experience this to a far less degree than the other groups, but even they report some diminution in their drive, urge, and performance. Usually this manifests itself in an inability to achieve a second or third orgasm in as short a time as they used to achieve it.

During sex after fifty, a man's erection may be unreliable or inconsistent during sex, and after fifty, or the menopause, a woman's libido and desire for sex may drop considerably.

Frequency, however, has little significance to a man's, or a woman's pleasure during sexual intercourse, provided that each time you have sex you set out to derive from it the greatest pleasure your body will allow you to have.

As one grows older, quality takes on an even greater significance. The yardstick of a man's personal sexual success is the intensity of his sensations of orgasm in response to his own and his partner's stimulation, and his ability to provide his partner with the maximum orgasmic experience.

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