Sexual Manifestation

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I think one thing is abundantly clear: no matter how much you may feel that you know about manifestation, there is always more to learn!

I've come across some absolutely fascinating information in the last few days about how you can use the power of orgasm to fuel your manifestation process.

This sounds absolutely extraordinary at first glance, but when you think about it,  it makes perfect sense after all, one of the critical features of manifestation is the use of high levels of energy associated with the visualization of what it is you're trying to achieve.

In general, most people who are talking about manifestation suggest that you use the energy of positive emotions, particularly gratitude, or perhaps happiness and joy associated with the way you expect to feel when you've manifested your desires.

But in actual fact, when you think about it, the most powerful energy that the human body can summon up or at least one of the most powerful energies - is that of orgasm.

And in addition, when you think about the nature of orgasm, it's something that allows the boundary of the individual to "dissolve"; some sense of merging with something larger and beyond yourself is often feature of this experience.

Now does that sound familiar? When we talk about manifestation, we're talking about connecting with or merging with cosmic universal intelligence or the cosmic consciousness and so it seems to me the logic is absolutely profound: you're not only merging with universal energies (of creation), but you're also emitting a massive amount of spiritual energy when you reach orgasm.

Now, I know it may sound strange to suggest that you can use the energy of orgasm to fuel these universal laws of manifestation and attraction, but when you think about this, isn't it rather strange that manifestation should exist as a principle in the first place?

Certainly some of the most respected teachers and writers on the principles of manifestation have spoken of the power of using orgasmic energy to fuel the manifestation process, not least Teal Swan, whose video on the subject you can see here.

Video - Teal Swan on Orgasmic Manifestation

I think one of the difficulties that occurs to me is the possibility that when you reach orgasm, you may not be able to maintain your focus on the desired outcomes trying to manifest.

It is certainly a feature of these universal laws of attraction that you need to have in mind clearly defined objective, and you need to keep this in mind while you generate the emotional energy that is associated with your visualization of achieving that outcome.

And when you think about it, orgasm certainly one of the most distracting and energetic moments of our lives anyway.

So Teal Swan has actually written a page on her website about this, suggesting how you can use orgasmic energy in the process of manifestation, and it's well worth reading.

I'm not taking sides on any current debate about whether you can or can't use the energy of orgasm for manifesting something in life, because I haven't used this process myself, but what I am saying is that it certainly seems like a logical step in the right direction for an experiment in this way.

Now, how would you use the energy of orgasm? Well, you'd use it in exactly the way that you would use any kind of emotional energy associated with visualization.

That is to say, as you become more sexually excited, you hold in your mind the concept or image of whatever it is that you're trying to manifest using the Law of Attraction, and at the moment of orgasm you ensure that your focus of conscious attention is totally directed to the achievement of this objective or, more accurately, perhaps not the objective itself but the emotion associated with the acquisition of your goal, such as joy or happiness.

In this way, your visualization is projected out into the universal energy field with a great deal of powerful psychic and spiritual energy behind it. You can read much more about this if you simply do a Google search on "manifestation using orgasm", or "orgasmic manifestation" plenty of writers have discovered this principle and it's certainly not new as a concept in the field of esoteric studies.

I agree that it goes against what we accept as commonplace or normal, but that in itself shouldn't detract from your interest and willingness to try it when you think about it, the very concept of manifestation is so peculiar that it requires an intellectual leap of faith and trust!

If you can make the same leap of faith and trust into accepting the fact that this kind of energy might be one way of fuelling the process of manifestation, then you're very likely to be more successful than if you start with doubts about the likelihood of this process working for you or not.

I highly recommend Teal Swan's video shown below, because actually one of the most cogent and explicit explanations of the problems that occur in manifestation for most people.

Video - Problems With Manifestation

It is a fact, that although The Secret and many other books over the years have made manifestation and the law of attraction extremely attractive subjects for many people, there are comparatively few men or women who are able to make it work.

This turns out to be because they hold negative beliefs which absolutely get in the way of manifestation progress.

You cannot make progress with manifestation, if you're holding negative beliefs which will interfere or interrupt the energy flow from you to the universe. And believe me, nothing interrupts the energy flow more effectively than negative beliefs about the likelihood of you achieving your objective, or the likelihood of manifestation working.

As I say, watch the video above - it comes highly recommended, and it explains many aspects of manifestation may have been wondering about. By adopting the information Teal Swan gives you in her video, you're highly likely to be much more successful when trying to manifest anything, whether by orgasmic manifestation or in any other way.